Your Furry Valentine

Having a Ruff Valentine’s Day? Here are 7 reasons your furry pal makes the perfect companion.

When it comes to relationships, we are but leaves in the wind. We never know when that gust will come, from what direction, or how powerful it could be. When it does come, it catches you by surprise and makes you relish in the sunshine drenched days. 

If humans are leaves in the wind, our faithful furry partners are the rock in the storm. 

Perhaps it’s time to remind ourselves and our fur covered companions what the true meaning of Valentines Day is. This Valentine’s Day honor and cherish the heart that is snuggled up on our pillow or in their fluffy bed at home, as we explore how our barking babies treat us better than anyone.

  1. Chewbarka is eternally optimistic. No one has ever come home to a mopey, depressing pup waiting to tell you how the world is going to end.
  2. Bailey will not be a bother. They just know when we need to be alone and when we need some attention (hint: we always need attention)
  3. Coco cares. Show just 2% affection and attention, and you receive 200% in return, and with interest! That’s a furtastic investment!
  4. Rocky keeps you healthy! With boundless energy and a never ending supply of happiness, keep pace with your furry exercise partner as you walk, run or just spend time frolicking like a fool in the front yard for all to see.
  5. Luna understands everything about you. As natural empaths, our four-legged friends know exactly when to cuddle and when to nuzzle and when to bark us out of our funk. Take their lead! They have nothing but your best interests in mind.

Dogs are a constant reminder of what Valentine's Day really is all about: unconditional love and devotion.  So this year, take a moment to appreciate what they bring to your life, and how you can return their love.  

Happy Valentine's Day!

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