April is Canine Fitness Month

April is Canine Fitness Month

The month of April is dedicated to keeping our faithful pets physically healthy and active. Similar to humans, many canines are suffering from "sedentarism". When one is sedentary, they are staying still, for example, sitting for prolonged periods of time. Being sedentary contributes to many health issues such as, weight gain, poor circulation, back problems, heart disease, and more.

Unfortunately, dogs are also affected by their human habits of sedentarism and are also at risk of sore joints, labored breathing, cancer, diabetes and much more. Shockingly, sedentarism has become the norm since technology saturated our everyday lives. Although, our phone, computer or tablet is calling for us to stay put, it has become detrimental to our overall fitness.

The only way to combat sedentarism is to exercise and move our bodies. So take your fur-buddy and get moving! You can develop a healthier way of life by keeping your loyal companions active.

Canine Fitness Month Go for a Walk

Let Canine Fitness Month inspire you to play & bond with your pup!

Need some ideas? Here's a list of how you can participate and keep your paw-pals healthy:

  1. Go for a Walk
    Walking your dog is the easiest and most logical way to get you and your dog exercise. Fresh air and vitamin D from the sun will invigorate your mind and body!

  2. Hide & Seek Canine Fitness Month Play Fetch
    Keep your pup engaged and moving by hiding their daily treats! This simple game will keep them on their toes throughout the day. Stash their treats around the house for tasty surprises.

  3. Play Fetch!
    Playing this game will get your pup excited and active. Toss a ball, stick or frisbee or even better – run along with your pet so you can get some fitness too.

  4. Training
    Canine Fitness Month Obstacle CoureseIncorporate your pooch's training into your fitness fun. Practice your well-known tricks to get them moving - like sit, lay down, shake or even dance!

  5. Obstacle Courses
    This will require some planning as you'll need equipment to create obstacles for your pet. You can set it up indoors or out. Don't have equipment? Use chairs, tables, ropes, cardboard boxes and common household items to build a course that's not only fun but will give you both a great workout!

Tip: To be safe, remember to always check with your veterinarian to discuss what exercise and diet your puppy should be on.

So get moving for Canine Fitness Month and share our tips for success!

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